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Why buy from us? 
Planning your wedding?

From simplicity to extraordinary Kari lane Johnson has designed it all. Kari is able to design what you’re visualizing for your ceremony or reception. She will work with you to arrange a personal wedding design that is unique to you and your wedding. 

Bride's should schedule a floral consultation 3-6 months in advance of their wedding date.Please call and make an appointment for your first consultation. At this time we will ask you to fill out our pre-consultation form that you can return prior or you can bring with you. My Viola~Floral Studio does charge $25 for the consultation.

A "Save the Date" deposit of $100 is required to reserve the services of My Viola~Floral Studio. This deposit will go towards your flowers. If you choose to book with My Viola at the time of your consultation then the $25 consultation fee will be waived.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Bunches 

For the Bride that is creative and comfortable creating her own Florals for her Wedding Day, My Viola-Floral Studio offers DIY Bunches. Select from assorted bunches of blooms to create anything from your Bouquet to your Centerpieces. My Viola will help you select the best seasonal bunches available and will give tips on how to best store and work with these flowers.

About DIY Bunches

Flowers are ordered by the bunch. Most bunches have 10 stems, unless otherwise noted. The exception is Foliages and Filler flowers.

DIY bunches need 2 weeks to order (more time is better!)

A 50% Deposit is required at the time of order.

You must provide your own buckets to transport your DIY Bunches in. A 5-gallon bucket is the correct size. These buckets need to be clean and free of chemicals, dirt, paint or gas. We will not clean the buckets for you. We will fill the buckets with water and floral preservative.

Not sure where to start ?

Bottles wrapped in twine with Baby's Breath and Spray roses.

Meet with certified Wedding Consultant/Florist, Kari lane Johnson for a one on one private Class. For a 1/2 hour session you will learn how to create your own Centerpiece for your wedding, learn the correct steps on proper floral design and will discuss the care and handling of your flowers. This Private class is offered to Brides who have booked their Wedding with My Viola or who have a DIY order of $200 or more.

This Private class fee will be $75 and include the supplies/flowers to create your centerpiece* (with in reason... i.e. mason jar, small bouquet or set of bottles), a new set of Floral Cutters and a bottle of Aqua Finish preservative for your flowers.

Additional attendees (Mom or Bride's Maid) will be and additional $35/person and limited to 3 people total (Bride, Mom and Maid). The additional attendees will need to provide their own floral cutters. Payment is due when you set up this Private class.

Please schedule your Private class at least 2 months prior to your wedding date. Saturday classes are not an option, sorry.

Interested? Call My Viola at 406.771.6828 to schedule your Private Wedding Class.

*(Class is limited to a Wedding Centerpiece design. At this time My Viola does not give classes on creating your Wedding Bouquet or Wedding Bouttonnieres/Corsages)

My Viola Rentals

Why go all over town when you can get your Flowers and containers all in one place? Select from authentic Ball jars to display your bouquets in or a pair of cool, blue ladders at your entry to your Event. We have many unique containers and props that a Bride or Party Planner can rent on their day!

(Photos courtesy of Lacey Ann Key Photography-Great Falls)

Call My Viola at 406.771.6828 to set up your favorites!

Following are Rental Prices per Item....

Assorted Hand painted Wood Wedding Signs-$5 each 

Vintage Milk Bottles -$2-$4 each

Reproduction Milk Can-$7 each OR $10/pair 

Vintage Bottles- $1-$3 ea.

Milk Glass Bud Vases-$1 ea. 

Milk glass Compotes-$3-$7 ea. 

Large Milk Glass Vases-$2-$3 ea. 

Handmade Metal Heart Wall Pocket-$15

6' Blue Ladder-$10 or 8' Blue Ladder-$15

4' Wood LOVE letters-$30

Large Blue Antique Jars-$3 ea

Large Antique Ball Jars-$1 ea

Large Antique Ball Jars with Lids-$3 ea (nice with LED candle inside as a luminary)

Assorted French Buckets- $3-$5 ea. 

3' Resin Pillars-$20 ea Or pair/$35

Silver Urns-$15 ea. or $20/p pair 

Glass Hurricanes with LED Candles-$15 ea or $25/ pair